Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Spiritual Signposts

I have beat around the bush regarding my spirituality in this blog and have talked to a lot of topics around it. I had fear about posting my spiritual beliefs as I was unsure of those beliefs at the time. In reality I still have uncertainty and do not have all the answers for my path in spirtuality which I will endeavor to explore and answer in my own time, but this is what works for me. I'll discuss what exactly works for me means in my next post.

1) Surrender and forgive every situation, every person and everything every second of the day. Life is, I am, You are. From this surrender and forgiveness find inner peace. Good and bad are filters we as mankind put on everything. Reach the state of inner peace and then take action.

2) Do not seek salvation in the future nor in the past. Salvation is living the present moment of life to the fullest as it is the only thing which exists in any moment in time. To do this make sure the mental hamster is turned off and focus on the task you are doing no matter how mundane and boring you may perceive it to be and give it your full attention. Salvation is not a monumental task, but is a simple feat that is inherent in all mankind always, we simply veil ourselves to it.

3) A collorary of 1 and 2. Joy is conciousness and conciousness is internal and eternal. It depends on nothing external. No external action, approval, activity, assignment and label. A concious homeless man can have equal joy and spirituality to a concious Bill Gates. A concious criminal can have equal joy and spirituality to a concious Barack Obama. Everything else in life is external and temporary/changing. Find and be the eternal and internal peace and joy. Respect and appreciate the external, but do not tie your joy and peace to it.

Until next post!

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